Road Pavement and Road Marking/Striping:

It is a simple and understandable language that all drivers know and speak. The striping defines the edges of the road and separates the traffic lanes of the vehicles. It regulates traffic by indicating the acceleration, deceleration and parking lanes. It works as a forbidding signal when it is continuous and with special arrows it helps, warns and navigates with safety. In terms of their shapes , the stripes are divided into ,longitudinal, lines that are being drawn along the road, crosswise, the ones that the driver sees across in front of him, and special ones that include lines, inscriptions and special symbols on the road surface. The color, the reverse reflection, the brightness, the slip resistance and the lifespan are the basic features that the striping must have. The role of horizontal road signaling is really important and equally important is its correct design, the use of the most suitable colors and their correct application. Our company is a leader in the striping industry since 1980 it has been executing striping in and out of Greece with a specially trained personnel, machines of the latest technology ( from the companies HOFMANN, BORUM, GRACO) and certified colors ( acrylic, alkyd, two-component , thermoplastic and cold-plastic). Our company is certified with ISO 9001.

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