Vehicle Suspension Systems or Metal Safety Guardrails are intended to hold any vehicle deviating from its normal course and is at risk of either passing out of the deck of the road or to be in the opposite traffic flow.

The company ΟΔΟΣΗΜΑΝΣΗ K. Α.Β.Ε.Ε. delivers on the market systems for restraining vehicles, of all categories, which comply with the requirements of the European standard EN1317.

Our company can deliver: CERTIFIED VEHICLE RESTRAINING SYSTEMS (according to European standards EN1317).

According to EN1317, the most common types of interception systems are:

  1. Unilateral Metallic Guardrails for Road Safety
  2. Unilateral Metallic Guardrails for Road Safety
  3. Unilateral Metallic Guardrails for Road Safety

According to the European Standard EN1317, the performance categories of Guardrails are defined by the following factors:
the following factors:

  1. Restraint Capacity In European Standard EN1317
  2. are the Categories N2,H1,H2,H4 being stated.
  3. The operating Width (W):
  4. The category of impact severity (Category A or B

Also our company can deliver:


(according to the Greek Specifications of the Ministry of Environment and Water ( Υ.ΠΕ.ΧΩ.ΔΕ) (Government Gazette 189/1988) and the technical Specifications of Obligations) .

The protection against corrosion of Restraint Vehicle Systems is achieved by immersing them to hot zinc bath, in accordance with the requirements of the European Standard EN ISO 1461.

Our Company has state-of-the-art equipment for the installation of all types of guardrails and fully qualified personnel for the correct installation of the suggested systems according to the technical files of the manufacturers.

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