Electronic Signs

ΟΔΟΣΗΜΑΝΣΗ Κ ΧΡΟΝΗΣ ΑΒΕΕ in the context of its continuous development and always following the technological developments in the field of marking, manufactures and markets a huge range of electronic signs for both public and private projects.
Electronic LED signs can display messages with instructions, suggestions or traffic updates, as well as incorporate conventional regulatory or hazard signs of the Highway Code (eg speed limit). They are divided into electronically-illuminated signs and informatory electronic LED signs (VMS):
The electronically-illuminated signposts are placed in places where there is not enough lighting at night, while being an elegant marking proposal for for municipal squares, curbs, traffic lane separators etc.
Informatory electronic LEDs signs (VMS) are from high brightness flashing LEDs, so that the display is clearly visible in high sunlight and can display any message. Electronic LEDs signs are proven to be the best way to protect dangerous crossings, pedestrian crossings, schools and roads with frequent violations of STOP signs, speed limits and other Highway Code signs.

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