Construction Site and Workplace Signs

Description: The signs used in the worksite signage are of the same size as the one in permanent signage. The main element of their differentiation is the yellow color in their background. The reflective material of the worksite signs is one class higher than the one in permanent signage on the road section where the works are executed, i.e. Type II instead of I or Type III instead of II.

All hazard warning signs (K) and regulatory signs (P) are manufactured in yellow background frames in dimensions:
 Regulatory P Φ450 square sign with dimensions 60 × 60 cm
 Regulatory P Φ650 square sign with dimensions 85 × 85 cm
 Regulatory P Φ900 square sign with dimensions 110 × 110 cm
 Hazard warning K 060 square sign 70 × 70 cm
 Hazard warning K 090 square sign with dimensions 110 × 110 cm
 Hazard warning K 120 rectangular sign 120 × 135 cm

Characteristics: Worksite signs are placed at a height that is easily noticeable by passers-by drivers. They offer high visibility day and night and under all weather conditions.
Specification: Complies with European Standard EN 12899-1. Certificate of Compliance CE 1922-CPR-0244
Placement: Their support is achieved in conjunction with a pipe by anchoring on long-term construction sites or with specially designed bases for short-term signage.

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