Social Responsibility

Our company ΟΔΟΣΗΜΑΝΣΗ Κ.ΧΡΟΝΗΣ Α.Β.Ε.Ε. has since years integrated the Corporate Social Responsibility into its growth strategy. Believing that our company is part of the society, we consider social responsibility a major component of our operations and sustainability.
Social responsibility is for us, a very important part of our activities and we prove that we care about the people, not only through our products and our services but also by choosing a more holistic approach to meeting their modern needs. Especially in times like today, that susceptible social groups are being tested from economic conditions, giving and rewarding at a social level must be a key pillar of our action. Our company ΟΔΟΣΗΜΑΝΣΗ Κ.ΧΡΟΝΗΣ Α.Β.Ε.Ε. believes that the relationship between the natural environment and humanity has always been a relationship of interaction. In this context, we apply an environmental management system with the ultimate goal of minimizing the environmental footprint of our production process. At the same time, we are also striving to reduce our environmental impact through the operation of our offices by implementing integrated internal recycling programs for recycling paper, plastic,aluminum packaging and electrical portable pillars. We are also putting in place procedures for limiting our printable pages as well as minimizing the cost of electricity through the inactivation of our electrical appliances while they are not operating. The expression of social responsibility is part of our business culture.


Ecological Striping

Aqua Line is a striping color of a component that is 100% acrylic polymer, 3rd generation , high solid, water based, fast drying and with high durability that doesn’t burden the environment and is applicable using an airless spray machine.

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Vehicle Suspension Systems or Metal Safety Guardrails are intended to hold any vehicle deviating from its normal course

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Signs with Anti-graffiti Protection

In classic unprotected markings, many types of graffiti do not clean or persistently scrape the reflective graphic of the sign making it inappropriate.

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