Signs with Anti-graffiti Protection

In classic unprotected markings, many types of graffiti do not clean or persistently scrape the reflective graphic of the sign making it inappropriate. Stickers are also usually difficult to remove, and until the plates are replaced, there is often a serious traffic hazard for both passing vehicles and pedestrians. Our new signboards feature a powerful anti-graffiti film that protects the signboard from graffiti. You can simply clean the graffiti or stickers with the special Graffiti Remover cleaner and the plate again looks like new. The water based Graffiti Remover is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Its life span
coating depends on the environment, but is usually expected to last 5 to 10 years.

With protective film:

They are self-adhesive transparent membrane plates which combine with all types of reflective membrane to protect the road signs from vandalism (anti-graffiti). This membrane allows the markings to be cleaned by markers, spray paints, etc. using appropriate solvents without damage to the reflective membrane and ink.
of the silk screen printing of the substrate.

Typical Applications: Signs of all types in areas and places suffering from graffiti vandalism, such as train stations, bus stops, school zones, sports facilities, etc.

SilCoat Nanotechnology Coated:

Provides protection against graffiti, dirt and weather. Graffiti is a common problem for both buildings and signboards. When it comes to plates, they are usually required to be replaced after they have been vandalized, with graffiti unless they have a protective layer to protect them from markers, paint spray and stickers. The new SilCoat coating for signboards provides protection against graffiti, dirt and weather, making it difficult to stick to posters or write things on the protected surface. To minimize imperfections and attempt vandalizing on the road, the coating is applied when constructing a plaque where the best coating performance is guaranteed. The new anti-graffiti is a product of nanotechnology based on silicon dioxide (SiO2), a “pure liquid glass” that provides an impermeable barrier to graffiti. Protected surfaces repel graffiti, so contaminants such as spray, ink, and poster stickers cannot adhere to the coated surface.


  • Low cost
  • Easy cleaning
  • Absolutely transparent
  • Certified by the Central Public Works Laboratory (KEDE)

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